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Multifamily Borrowers Have a Wide Field of Options for Mezzanine Debt

Multifamily investors have lots of options to choose from if they want to take out a mezzanine loan in addition to the primary mortgage on their property. “There areRead more

CCIM Commercial Invest Real Estate January/February 2018 issue

You can view a PDF of the current issue here: Commercial Investment Real Estate January/February 2018 IssueRead more

FinCen Confirms Marijuana Banking Guidance Remains In Place Despite DOJ Policy Reversal

Reuters is reporting today that the Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) was caught off guard by Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement last week that the Justice DepartmentRead more

What is the impact of the the new tax legislation on individuals?

Price Waterhouse has released an overview of how selected provisions of the bill will impact individuals. Click here to download a PDF copy of the reportRead more

October see slight job gains in services, manufacturing and health care

Food services and drinking places saw a sharp upturn in employment, a continuation of the recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, and professional and business services, manufacturing and healthRead more

September declines blamed on hurricanes in the South

Unemployment dropped to 4.2% in September, but a sharp decline in food services and drinking places is being blamed on Hurricanes Irma and Harvey. To see the full report,Read more

August jobless rate little changed at 4.4% nationwide

Gains occurred in manufacturing, construction, services, health care, and mining. To see the full report, click here.Read more

Housing prices rising twice as fast as wages – then there’s Seattle

Will home buyers pay less in 2019? Read the full article at zerohedge.comRead more

July jobs up by over 200k, rate flat at 4.3%

The unemployment rate and number of unemployed remains unchanged, continuing the trend of last several months. See the full report here.Read more

CCIM Commercial Invest Real Estate July/August 2017 issue

You can view a PDF of the current issue here: Commercial Investment Real Estate July/August IssueRead more