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We believe in plain talk

“There’s a right way and a wrong way to do business. We prefer doing it the right way: putting clients first, leading with exceptional ideas, making giving back to the community we serve a priority—and always saying what we mean.”
Gary Hunter
Principal | Managing Member

What We Do

Court-Appointed Receiver

Creditors and debtors that want to settle debts often have complications with the collateral that secures the debt. We act as a third-party consultant between the lender and borrower to provide turnaround services, correct any issues, and sell the property to satisfy the debt and resolve personal guarantees that may be part of the loan terms.


Who We Are

We provide expert special credits and turnaround services to lenders, loan servicers, and hedge funds. We specialize in commercial real estate, retail, office, multifamily, hotel and industrial properties. We provide property management and lease-up services to turn properties around, increase profits and property value. We can also arrange for bridge loans to help with cash flow, as well as collect on judgment awards on defaulted leases and non-performing debt.

Work With Us

For more than a decade, the Capital Financial team has provided expert services to the special credits department and national loan servicers for lenders, banks, and investors to stabilize, manage, or improve disposition of distressed commercial real estate assets. We respond to your needs quickly and have the capacity to deploy an asset team to your property in less than 48 hours. We work with strategic partners in all metropolitan statistical areas (MSA) in the United States to provide professional commercial services.