Bank Receiver

We can help you find a resolution that everyone can live with.

Capital Financial provides receiver services to the public in the Puget Sound area and throughout Washington State. We create an efficient environment where lenders, borrowers, and creditors can find resolution of financial obligations. Receivership differs from bankruptcy in that the borrower, an individual, or entity remains in title on real property. Rather than a trustee or bankruptcy judge working through the liquidation of assets, debt and other liabilities, the receiver works through those conditions with all parties affected.

Capital Financial, as court-appointed receiver in the Seattle area, works with the receiver’s counsel and the superior court judge, offering more flexible conditions than a typical bankruptcy, which falls under the federal bankruptcy jurisdiction and takes place in a Federal Court. The benefit to the borrower or debtor is the avoidance of the ‘stigma’ of bankruptcy. In addition, the secured creditor or lender has direct contact with an impartial party that is managing the assets of the debtor entity.

As court-appointed receiver, we work with the debtor and creditor to resolve defaulted credits. Most often, while working with the borrower’s lender, we are able to significantly reduce the loan balance through an efficient liquidation process that maximizes loan value.

Lenders and borrowers need to have confidence the court-appointed receiver possesses knowledge and good business sense in the management of the assets and business enterprise. We understand the the position of the borrower and the concerns they might have working with a receiver. The borrower might not know the receiver personally and doesn’t want to end up in a position worse than what they are in currently. We encourage you to meet with us personally to determine if we can help.

If you’re a lender or a borrower and want to find out more about who we are, how we work to reduce the cost of settling debt related issues and work to efficiently create more value, contact us now.

Receiver’s Counsel

When appointed as a receiver we regularly employs Dan Bugbee of DBS Law as receiver’s counsel. Mr. Bugbee is experienced in representing receivers, having served as outside counsel to multiple receivers in the liquidation of over forty businesses. Mr. Bugbee currently serves on the Washington State Bar Association task force charged with re-drafting portions of Washington’s receivership act and has been involved in receiverships from all angles, representing lenders, creditors, debtors, purchasers of assets, and of course, court-appointed receivers. For more information on Capital Financial’s outside counsel, please click here.

Mid-Construction Receiver Services

Capital Financial provides receiver services to help navigate complex construction loan defaults. When faced with missed loan payments, budget overruns, and construction defects, our expert team steps in with precision and proficiency. We understand the industry’s intricacies and are committed to safeguarding the interests of construction lender creditors.

With a wealth of experience, we seamlessly step into the shoes of the developer, assuming the role for the completion of the project. Our dedicated professionals tirelessly identify and rectify construction defects and pursue claims to recover damages. Capital Financial delivers results that exceed expectations and provides a comprehensive solution to even the most challenging situations.