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Debt Recovery & Collection

We can help you recover
what is rightfully owed to you

Collecting on defaulted debt is complicated and requires detailed documentation to be legally compliant and results in a successful collection for the creditor. Our work representing creditors,  providing court-appointed receiver services, and working with national loan servicers  provides us with a depth of experience that results in a competitive advantage for our clients.


We understand that one loan or a portfolio of loans requires continuous contact to motivate the borrower to prioritize the payment to the lender. Borrowers often put off repayment of debt to the last minute and when they slip into default they often try to catch up unsuccessfully. Our company understands business enterprise and cash flow models and work with the borrower for a successful collection, minimizing legal expenses and court costs.


Once a judgment is obtained by a creditor or a plaintiff that is awarded damages, collecting on the judgment is another matter. We are equipped and skilled at collecting on these awards.


Unsecured claims are often the result of a debtor petitioning for bankruptcy in Federal Court to discharge debt. Once Notice of Bankruptcy is filed and the creditor is notified, it is the ideal time to contact us to strategize the collection of debt.


Holders of notes secured through Deeds of Trust and or UCC may have terms that are unfamiliar to the debtor / borrower which may result in untimely payments. Commercial loans secured by real estate may all into default as a result from lack of cash flow from business operations. The note holder or lender may be better served by Capital Financial providing loan servicing as an alternative to collection.


For property managers large and small, the availability of time and legal expenses impact the bottom line of NOI for properties they manage. Turn your judgments over to Capital Financial for collection and our staff will work diligently and expeditiously to add money to your bottom line.

If you are in need of any of our debt recovery or judgement collection services in the Seattle area or Western Washington, give us a call and we’ll discuss your options and how we can get your money.